Recently, Integrated Solution for Real-estate Investments Company and 3H for Contracting and Supplying Company decided to collaborate to
set up.Landmark for Real Estate Investments Company As the two companies has expertise in building and Constructions, apartments, interior design and furniture, Commercial shops (3H for Contracting And Supplying Company) and also expertise in providing Comprehensive quality developments and real estate Solutions that suit the needs and life style of all who wish to make a new home, business, project, etc (Integrated Solution for Realestate Investments) About Landmark

Location and Description
Elite Tower is ideally located, situated in Zahraa El Maadi on the Autostrad Rd. in South Cairo.
Elite Tower also enjoys being strategically situated in Maadi, which is an area that allows anyone to reach it in no time.
Project Data
1. Built on a space of 1,726 square meters.
2. The Tower consists of a ground floor and 10 typical floors.
3. Elite Commercial is divided into commercial spaces between 12 to 235 meters.
4. Elite Medical is divided into Clinics and Laps between 54 to 122 meters.
5. Elite Business is divided into administrative Offices between 146 to 194 meters.
6. Elite Residential is divided into apartments between 156 to 236 meters.
7. The tower’s outdoor area is between 160 to 246 meters.
8. Parking space of 2,700 meters which can accommodate 170 cars divided into two floors.

1. Ample parking space.
2. Four elevators available with two elevators for Elite Residential and
the other two are for Medical & Commercial Elite.
3. The tower is designed with a special entrance for the Medical Elite and another one for Residential Elite.
4. Elite Tower includes carefully situated fire alarms with a built-in fire fighting system.
5. Full security and camera surveillance system to ensure safety and security of all residents and business offices alike.
6. A concierge service to cater to occupants needs.
7. A fully secured and connected Wi-Fi internet system for the whole building, as well as the gym and spa for residents’ convenience.
8. The tower is endowed with central air conditioning