About Us

We Promise... We Deliver

Integrated Solution Real Estate strengthens relationships through long lasting partnerships that are focused on effectively attaining the set goals. Thus, what we promise, we deliver.


We aim to promote originality in people to influence the way they live and work. To us, people and achieving their diverse aspirations, are the main focuses of the real estate industry. Thus, we provide integrated solutions to realize their dreams.


We are a fast-growing real estate company that aims to provide practical solutions to the evolving needs of different people. We see ourselves on the right path toward becoming the region’s leading property developer.


  • Fulfilling promises

  • Quality

  • Diversity


Delivering our promises in ways which exceed the expectations and the trust that our customers give tous summarizes our philosophy. As a team of highly qualified calibers, we exert our efforts to realize the dream of our clients be I residential or commercial in nature.

We are meticulous in each and every detail related to the various factors, starting from choice of location, the actual building of the real estate, the related interior designing of a project to the smallest relevant detail needed to create a signature building which views our community to the customers to be friendly, practical, distinct to the taste of our client and simply a joy to be in. All this things are included while maintaining the highest levels of safety and standards of quality.


Quality defines I.S Real Estate. It is pursued in each and every little detail we make. Quality is exhibited in our elite staff, professionalism, organizational culture, and above all in all our projects. We pay attention to quality from the choice of the location, to the designing of the project, to the material needed for finishes, and the furniture and safety.

Quality is sought from the very start to the final stages of the project. Before procuring a site, we assess the feasibility of the surrounding environment and supporting infrastructure. Every little detail is put in consideration ranging from the development mix. To the demand and potential growth of the area, to the likeliness of the location to attract the clientele. Thus, allows us to create a broad overall holistic picture of how the project will serve the community and how far it is complemented by the other nearby structure. Moreover, we conduct an independent market feasibility study, that we have a third party review.

Such measures support the process of optimizing the built area while maintaining the highest standards of luxury. All the above illustrate, and foster the quality of each and every stage

implemented. This detail-oriented approach is further pursued in the design stage to ensure a smooth construction phase and a high-quality finished product.

Once the construction is completed and all minor faults and defects are corrected, the project is handed over to the management team responsible for running the property before the completed development is launched and made available to the public.


Diversity is an integral part of I.S.Real Estate. Our many projects serve 4 main types of projects:residential, commercial, administrative, and hospitality. As for the residential,we aim to provide the dream home of each and every one of our clients. We offer different categories as we have apartments, twin houses, and villas.

Commercial buildings nowadays have come to be the place that includes all that a person seeks whether it is simply hanging out at cafes, dining with friends or family, sharing special moments shopping or even watching a movie. Furthermore, it is the place where entertainment and business can meet. Administrative buildings have now become a complementing part to any commercial building.